Lindt Lindor Cookies and Cream: Review

What can I say – I like food! Lindt’s Lindor has been a famous chocolate since the Eighties, with the sumptuous looking commercials and just as sumptuous chocolates. As with al good chocolate companies, they release Christmas themed Lindor balls, so here I am, reviewing one.

The Lindor balls are characterised with a hard outer chocolate shell and an almost liquid softer chocolate core. One of the Christmas editions is their Stracciatella, or ‘Cookies and Cream’. As the picture shows, this features an outer white chocolate shell with cocoa pieces and a milk chocolate core.

If you’re a fan of Lindor already, you’ll love this twist all the same. As an item called cookies and cream, I expected more of a hearkening to cookies, such as tiny crumbled pieces, so aside from a good creamy taste from the filling, this didn’t really come through. I was surprised by the cocoa pieces at first, and without being told what they were, would have easily believed they were nuts! However, there’s no bitterness left behind from them cocoa at all, which may disappoint some people who might hope this flavour would come through.

So the final verdict: a lovely addition to the Lindor family, if not extremely notable otherwise.


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