Plebs, Season 2 Episode 6 Review: “The Candidate”

(Beware, spoilers below!)

Plebs has always managed to satire public phenomena and make it hilarious. This episode is no different, spoofing election time. In both the US and the UK election talk is buzzing round the newsrooms, and this makes the episode just as relevant.

Both Stylax and Marcus sign up to aid a wannabee representative to aid extra money. The ditzy Cynthia demonstrates the amusing nature of party fans, merely being hired to clap without have any idea over what she’s clapping about. Through an amusing turn of events, Marcus ends up having far more influence that he expected, and Stylax ends up in a hilarious predicament. Watch the brilliant Shakespearean actor Simon Callow play the hapless politician caught in the middle.

Meanwhile, Grumio gets up to his usual antics. Always the butt of the joke, and fairly simple minded in terms of his motivations, he once again ends up the victor once more.

Another great episode from what I believe to be an under-appreciated and under watched show. Come on, big wig TV execs, commission more episodes and send it over to the States!


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