Gotham, Season 1 Episode 5 Review: “Viper”

(Beware, spoilers below!)

The newest episode of Gotham has been the first time since the beginning of the series where the writers have most successfully tied together all the threads they’ve been attempting to follow. Boy, are there many in this series, but when well weaved the show thrives.

Beforehand, any story with Bruce has currently felt like a side attraction. He’s the collateral damage in a dreadful case and was merely being slotted into each episode because of the character he grows up to be. Not so in “Viper”, we see Bruce actively undertaking detective work to not only understand the business of his parents, but to try to restore the hope they saw in the pit of a city that is Gotham. Currently, Alfred’s been a bit of a lost shepherd, trying to guide a child he was never fully prepared to look after. In this episode we see things change, and their storyline battles convincingly for prominence.

Meanwhile, we continue with the ‘villain of the week’ premise, just as has occurred in the previous episodes. What’s good about “Viper” is that beside this ‘villain’ that’s come and gone within the space of forty minutes, the real intrigue lies in the larger storylines that this minor figure plays within. In the investigation into the drug in the first half of the episode, we are treated to a scene with Edward Nygma too. Here’s another character that seems so far to just been dropped in for the sake of it, who displays some small hints of great potential in the long run. What’s Wayne Enterprises really been dabbling in? Will we see any of the more significant board members? What more secrets has WellZyn been hiding?

Another thread that I really ought to split into two encapsulates the ongoing saga between Falcone and Moroni, as well as Fish and Cobblepot. Cobblepot’s relatively impressive scheming thus far is put to the test as he takes a chance at revealing his identity to Moroni, getting Jim entangled too. The rookie Detective is getting his feet in far deeper than I think he ever intended. Meanwhile, we see Fish training the girl we saw her hiring last week. The scenes where she trains her protegée to repeat phrases might seem ludicrous until the last scene, when I was admittedly hit with the smallest of chills. I may just have been pushed towards Team Falcone – everyone seems to have it in for that poor man. What?! No, no I didn’t say anything…

The intrigue count is high with this one – and just like that, Gotham’s won me over all over again. There are still moments where it seems a little clunky, but I’m full of questions I genuinely want to see explored, which bodes well.

Though perhaps, for my safety … I should keep those questions to myself …


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