The Big Bang Theory, Season 8 Episode 6 Review: “The Expedition Approximation”

(Beware, spoilers below!)

In the newest episode of The Big Bang Theory, the writers still haven’t quite done the job of upping the show to the previous levels of hilarity that it’s first few seasons or greatest episodes reached. However, it’s constant look into social dynamics through those of the characters continue to make it decently interesting.

This is seen in the money management issues that arise between Leonard and Penny. Penny’s growing independence and letting go of her unrealistic dream has been one of the more interesting moments in the show this season, especially when Leonard has been supporting her all this time. They go to Bernadette and Howard for advice, but it turns out unexpectedly. The comic exchange that ensues is not entirely convincing. It’s easy to see what the writers were trying to go for, but you almost wish they wouldn’t with how awkward it turns out.

Meanwhile, it’s fan favourite Sheldon and Raj which bring most of the laughs and character development to the page. In an attempt to forward their dark matter research, Raj suggests attempting a simulation of working in a mine, in order to see if they could hack it. Whilst this obviously fails, we see a surprising insight into Sheldon that wasn’t anticipated. However, by the last scene, we’re made clear it’s still the Sheldon that has become so irritatingly endearing. He’s complex, for sure, but hasn’t just changed overnight.

This episode still hasn’t hit the stride I know The Big Bang Theory can, though it has returned to giving us glimpses of the greatness it can have when it really gets it right.. I’ve stuck around with these characters for seven years, and I’ll most certainly be sticking around for a bit longer. I hope I’m making the right call.

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