Takeout Review: Seafare Fish and Chips

I won’t be posting reviews of takeouts or restaurants just off the bat, and that’s why I’m starting with Seafare. I’ve been eating their fish and chips since I was a kid, and for my experience of over a decade, their fish and chips has been not only top notch, but super consistent. Seafare Fish and Chips is a fish and chip shop chain in Surrey, UK founded by Philip and Shirley Lye in 1981. They do the classic fish and chips combo, as well as other fare such as sausage in batter, burgers, as well as classic sides such as mushy peas.

What I love most is their sausage in batter. Their jumbo sausage is perfect, not too overdone, but with enough flavour to be satisfying. But let’s get down to what really matters here: the fish and chips. The batter they use on both the fish and chips and the sausage is the same. It is the batter of magic. It’s a crispy, light batter that isn’t too flat nor too soggy, nor to oily. The batter to fish ratio is perfect. You don’t feel like you’re eating too much batter, and the fluffy crunch of the batter contrasts well with the fish. Their chips are pretty special too. I’ve yet to eat in a place that makes chips quite like theirs. I’m sure they don’t hand cut and make them themselves, but I’d believe them if they said they did. They give a hefty portion of chunky chips with your fish that really feels like you’re getting your value for money, and I’ve rarely been able to finish it all. To this day, they’re still the best fish and chips I’ve ever had.

Seafare do a brilliant value family combo, as well as gluten free days too. On Fridays and the weekends you can see queues in the store at dinner time: they’re that good. I won’t say that us Brits monopolise the great love that is fish and chips, but it’s stores like Seafare that remind us why we love this dish so much. If you’re ever in the area, try it. You won’t regret it for a second.

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