Modern Family, Season 6 Episode 5 Review: “Won’t You Be Our Neighbour”

(Beware, spoilers below!)

In the past few seasons, Modern Family has lost some of its funny factor. That’s not to say it still isn’t an interesting show to watch, but there are moments when the show seems gimmicky than before.

This episode today however, is luckily not one of those. The most interesting storyline lies in Phil selling his neighbour’s house, which gives him and Claire a chance to pick their new neighbours. They think they’ve found the perfect couple, but just then a family that Claire perceives as not so desirable wants the house too. Phil’s always been one of the most endearing characters on the show, and this episode showcases that without being unrealistic.

Meanwhile, Cam and Mitchell and concerned with the amount of work that Lilly is being put through, and suggest a move to Miss Sparrow’s class. After a hilarious encounter with Lilly’s current teacher Mrs Plank, they suddenly talk to Lilly and realise they might have overlooked one other important factor: what Lilly herself wants. Prepare for this great moment: ‘What’s 2+7? … 27?’

Lastly, Jay gets antsy with Manny starts dating the daughter of a rival closet building company. There are some hilarious moments with closet company names, and the outcome is admittedly more interesting than the classic Romeo + Juliet stereotype.

Sometimes in Modern Family, the writers push the scenarios a little too far, or a little too ludicrous for us to really connect with them and find them meaningful. After all, one of the show geniuses was to take our own lives and place them in the hands of some slightly exaggerated characters. In “Won’t You Be Our Neighbour”, they’re back on form.


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