Peaky Blinders, Season 2 Episode 4: Review

(Beware, spoilers below!)

Peaky Blinders has always been a tv show full of twists and surprises. For a man as well connected as Thomas Shelby, it’s always a treat to see him surprised. We see Thomas confronted with some old faces who he’s been roughed up by in the past. Even when presented with a secret kill target, he still questions why. “Did you ask why in France?’ he’s asked, “Yes.” he promptly replies. Little moments like that make the show relentlessly interesting.

We also see Arthur confront Sabini’s club once more with success this time, and props to the show for making it look as debauched and riotous as any club today. Arthur attempts to demonstrate how the Shelby’s are really taking over, engaging in some well earned sex and cocaine afterwards. It’s a trend that continues throughout the whole episode. Tommy warns him that his hits with cocaine might jeopardise the business if he’s not careful – I can’t be the only one afraid that this will go south.

Meanwhile, Polly’s newly discovered son proposes the idea to be an accounting clerk. He’s looking to be a slippery fellow, trying to charm his way into a job. Tommy still wants it to be above board. It’s nice to see the amount of respect he still affords Pol, and the scene between Polly and Tommy agreeing to let Michael in is a beautifully set one.

May Carleton comes by to see Tommy in order to train the horse. “Do you want to fuck me?” Tommy asks. Let it never be said he’s not forward. Later on, Tommy comes to visit May’s large house, and ends up staying over. “Do you have a map? Because I can’t find my way in the dark.” For any man wondering if being a suggestive sleazebag works – it does, but only if your as charming as Cilian Murphy. In the mouth of only a few actors could the lines seem seductive, as opposed to ‘rapey’. At the same time, the Shelby’s ar still getting into the prohibition game. Given Canada and the US’s ban and the export license from Churchill himself, they’re potentially in for a big profit … if it lasts.

Tom Hardy has currently been a bit of a treat on Peaky Blinders for the past two episodes. I’ve was a little surprised that Sabini did resort to more violence with Solomons, but their new treaty seems to be anticipating an exciting last few episodes, and I didn’t quite expect Solomons to make the moves he did. Perhaps he has another trick up his sleeve? It wouldn’t surprise me if he did.

This episode got more into the songs of the 1920s and the Jazz age, which really added to the vibe and chaos of the show. Who knew Michael was such a dab hand at fighting and holding his own? That last portion of the episode was exciting to watch, and leads into a great moment I can’t bear to spoil. Roll on next week – Thursdays never looked so good.


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