Eve Chocolate Truffles: Review

Eve’s Chocolates is a small business located in Cork, Ireland, with one single retail shop in town. It also just happens to make the best chocolates I’ve ever seen.

There’ve been days when most of the food I’ve eaten is chocolate, so a recommendations as such is no mean feat. In this review I’m specifically focusing on their truffles. I’m not a truffle kind of girl. I don’t necessarily appreciate the squidgy fillings shoehorned within perfectly good chocolate. Done in the wrong way, it can feel like you’re eating a ball of nonsense.

Eve’s doesn’t do this at all. Made with the richest Irish cream, the fillings instead accentuate the chocolate coating outside. She’s also managed to perfect the coating to filling ratio. It can sometimes feeling you’re breaking into a tough outer shell to just a relatively related inside. Not so here. Even in the whisky truffle, there’s seamless taste movement between the white and mil chocolates. In the alcohol filled chocolates, Eve also manages to succeed where others have failed. Sometimes, truffles are either so under or overdosed, being either disappointing or cloying either time. Eve gets the balance been the alcohol content and chocolate right each time.

Most importantly, the texture of the chocolate will be (trust me) unlike anything you’ve tasted before. The inside is creamy – not very liquid like the Lindt Lindor chocolates (which I do like very much) – but with just enough stiffness for the melt in the mouth effect to take hold as a chocolate should in your mouth.

It’s this multiple texture and flavour experience which makes her truffles worthy of the recommendation I give it. Her truffles are best I have ever eaten, and I genuinely believe it’ll be an outstanding company which will steal that title from Eve. Quite simply, she reigns supreme.


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