Joules Wellibobs: Review

Given that it’s coming up to the winter months, I find it time appropriate to be reviewing the Joules Wellibobs. As the picture should show, these are small wellies (hence Welly – bobs …) made out of the same material as a traditional welly boot, but shaped in the fashionable bootie cut.

But just how effective are they at keeping you protected from the rain? To a certain extent, yes. The material it is made of keeps the rain water out without a doubt. I’ve never got wet feet through leaking or soaking through, no matter how long I’ve been standing in the rain. However, there is a certain issue with the design which I don’t think is necessarily exclusive to the wellibobs, but one which I think should be addressed nonetheless. The wide opening of the boot around your ankles, plus its short height, means that if walking without an umbrella or even with an umbrella, the odd bits of rain will be let in. If you’re wearing thick socks and trousers, either tucked inside to block this completely or even cover the opening, evidently this won’t occur.

Depending upon which pattern and design you buy, the wellibobs are either lined with fur, or not at all. This additional lining provides a fair amount of warmth, enough to provide a bit more snugness than the usual cold feeling welly material. The heaviness of the shoe on your foot should not be a problem if you’re used to wellies or expecting such a weight. I have very small feet and it’s a noticeable weight, but not one I necessarily have a problem with. However, the silhouette of the shoe is fashionable enough to wear on a day out in town, as I have done on many a occasion. I’m not much of a welly fan, but I do enjoy wearing these.

My final verdict is this: the Joules Wellibobs are a great and fun waterproof boot. That’s not to say it is without its faults, as I have demonstrated. It’s role as a fashion boot for those less welly inclined obviously compromises its functionality, and I would not recommend it for those that do a lot of heavy duty outdoor work. It might work for you on the odd occasion, but not in the long run. However given that it is Joules, there are lots of fun patterns, designs and colours available, making it an accessible shoe for many.

Just from looking at them, I think you’ll know if the Joules Wellibobs are the kind of shoe for you.


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