Chanel Rouge Allure: Review

Those who know me know how Chanel holds a place in my holy triumvirate of make up – a trio completed by Dior and Yves Saint Laurent. So to kick off, I’ll review my favourite piece of Chanel makeup I own: my Rouge Allure lipstick.

To a certain extent, a lipstick is a lipstick. If you find a drugstore version you like a love, why change? I very much agree with that mode of operation. But for me, there a few lipsticks I own which I love as much as this one. To a certain extent, colour is very much up to preference, and the same goes for the Rouge Allure series. They’ll either have a colour you like or not, and my only criticism of Chanel’s overall makeup range is that they don’t really push the boundaries of colour as much as the other two of the holy three do.

As someone notoriously picky about the feel and longevity of the products she puts on her lips, Rouge Allure gets five stars all the way. The balance between the lipsticky and balmy feel is just right, superseded in my opinion my only one other lipstick (the original Dior Addicts). The colour also lasts for hours: I’ve worn it from 7 in the evening til 4 in the morning. It didn’t even try to budge. At most, it fades a little into a rich stain that isn’t too colour compromised at all. If you’re a fan of the pressed pounder lipstick application (which I am), the colour can even last the whole day and then some. It’s quite a winner in that respect.

The lipstick however, is on the pricey end, at £26 a pop. You’re not compromised on quality though, in both the product itself and its packaging. At the very least, I feel like I’m holding something worth every pound I paid for it.

When it comes to makeup reviews I think to a certain extent it’s hard to find something which works for everyone. We have different skin textures, different physical habits, different preferences. But if you are looking for a new lipstick to really give you great results every time, I’d suggest you give Chanel Rouge Allure a try.


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