Downton Abbey, Season 5 Episode 6: Review

(Beware, spoilers below!)

It’s been an extraordinary drama filled episode, one that makes me wish Edith would find some happiness. Any hope we might have had for Gregson surviving has no completely evaporated, and given that she’s no longer allowed to visit Marigold, it’s like Edith has lost everything. Indeed, Edith decides the only solution left for her is to leave Downton altogether. It all comes to a head when she tries to take Marigold away with her for good. It’s a moving scene, and one that really brings to a head the story arc. I hope it all turns out well, though even the final scene leaves this ominous.

The episode leads up a picnic out with the whole family. We’re comforted both with Rose’s blossoming friendship with Atticus, as well as Charles Blake attempting to set up the Mabel Lane-Fox with her old fiancée. It’s also around the same time that Mary decides do debut a new Twenties’ style haircut. I can’t help be a little resentful of how inconsiderate she was, but I think it suits her character. She’s never one for halves.

Meanwhile, the Dowager Countess decides to finally tell Prince Kuragin that his wife may soon be found. It’s a moment full of some revelations, one which might surprise you, and seems to carry over into the next episode. Will the Dowager remarry?. It was a great chance to see the little children out as well. Isobel is also planing to accept Lord Merton’s proposal, calling it her ‘last chance to have an adventure’. Given Matthew’s death a while ago, it’s good seeing her actually doing something.

We;re also confronted downstairs with what Thomas has been taking the medicine for. With the release of The Imitation Game soon, it’s a very moving moment, one that once again illicits sympathy for one of the usually most unlikeable of characters. We also see him bond with Miss Baxter. Thomas has lost both consoling friends in both Lady Sybill and Jimmy – even he deserves to have a friend on his side. Also, now that we know for sure Bates didn’t kill Mr Green, who did? There’s something making me think that the mentions of the untorn ticket will come back to bite, but for once I’m hoping this isn’t the case. Given that this is Downton, I know wiser than to keep my hopes up.

This episode follows on strongly from the last one, and seems to be setting up for a strong season ender. We’re now moving very much into being involved with four generations of Granthams. We’ve been shown over the past hour how rewarding this can be for the viewer when it’s well tied together. Roll on next week.

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