Gotham, Season 1 Episode 6 Review: “Spirit of the Goat”

(Beware, spoilers below!)

No no, you didn’t read that title wrong. If you’ve read my previous reviews before, you know that for the most part I’ve been enjoying watching Gotham and even more so as the show has become better. The one fear I’ve managed to keep allayed to far is that of the show’s obvious campness. The Spirit of the Goat does not allay those fears. The plot with the Spirit of the Goat is easily the episode’s weakest point. This is because it so obviously exists just to tie everything together: we don’t really ending up caring wether or not the bad guy gets caught, or their motivations in the first place. In fact the most interesting part of the case features Harvey’s past, and how we can see the parallels between him and his previous mentor vs him and Jim. There are also moments where we see a more personal side to Harvey, one which for once makes him a more three-dimensional character than in previous episodes.

However, the most intriguing parts of the episode concern our villains to be, both Cobblepot and Nygma. Who knew the former was such a mama’s boy? There were hints to be sure, but it was both amusing and slightly creepy to see them chatting while he was in the bath. I’m also intrigued for what Cobblepot has planned for Jim – if he’s using the honest cop for his plans, that’s gotta be worth watching for. Nygma too is becoming more fleshed out that before. It’s funny to see him try and woo Kristen Kringle (really?!), even though he’s being shunned for being ‘weird’ by everyone else. It’s hard not to sympathise with him and I think its clear to see what might push him over the edge to become The Riddler. (Also, who didn’t find his question mug cup hilarous?!)

This episode’s last great reveal I’ll leave you to watch, but I did enjoy the short scene where Selina breaks into Wayne Manor and steals a particular item, which isn’t revealed to us. It’s a dialogue free scene that reveals actually quite a lot, a credit to Camren Bicondova for making me believe that one day she’s really grow up to be Catwoman. Props also go to Jim Gordon for uttering the most Batman boding phrase in the series so far: ‘this city needs something else’ like Batman? Who knew?

Overall, I can’t deny this episode left me a little disappointed. I’m tired of hearing people say Gotham is sick, grotty or devoid of any hope it once had. We’re six episodes in now and the people who have stuck with the show know those details already. It’s especially tiring when that becomes the motivation for yet another killer. I don’t deny if you live in Gotham it might be an issue for you, but I’m sure the show’s writers have something more up their sleeve. I really hope so, anyway. For now, the factors keeping me in the show are the to be heroes and villains, as opposed to the plots going on the present. You can see why that might be a problem. However, credit must go to the team behind this weeks episode for making it look like the show has literally been lifted off the pages of a comic book. Despite its faults, at least there “Spirit of the Goat” succeeded.


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