Modern Family, Season 6 Episode 6 Review: “Halloween 3: AwesomeLand”

(Beware, spoilers below!)

It’s Halloween, and with true style this Modern Family episode goes along with the theme. It’s a super fun episode and features all of the families dealing with different problems.

The main (and arguably most fun) story features Claire going toe to toe with their neighbours. When the prospect of a scariest house competition is brought up, she removes Phil’s AwesomeLand in order to create a scary insane asylum and try to win. Say what you like about Halloween, but I want in on AwesomeLand. A load of cute puppies? Yes please.

Meanwhile, Jay takes it into his own hands to try and pick his Halloween costume, drawing the line after Gloria suggests he goes as Shrek. He picks a Prince Charming outfit complete with wig, and what follows is a short but cute insight into Jay and Gloria’s relationship.

Last but not least, Cam (who has the most ridiculous inability to find Waldo AT ALL), dresses Lilly up for Halloween. Lilly feels Cam has been neglecting her with football, whilst Mitchell is feeling downhearted as he might lose his third case in a row. The two plots might not sound related now, but they tie in together by the end great.

This week’s episode of Modern Family is bright, gregarious and downright fun. The writers managed to capture the spirit of Halloween whilst also presenting us with the realistic family obstacles that might plague us all. What results is some hilarious jokes and a Halloween we all wish we were a part of. If only we didn’t have to wait two weeks until the next episode!


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