The Big Bang Theory, Season 8 Episode 7 Review: “The Misinterpretation Agitation”

(Beware, spoilers below!)

The newest episode of Big Bang features Billy Bob Thornton as guest star Dr Lorvus, a lonely man who lives with his mother and is a doctor to the stars.

He first meets the guys when attempting to delivery flowers to Penny. Her flirtatious sales technique has been misconstrued and it’s up to Leonard to inform the poor guy that she’s already taken. Whilst being invited in by Sheldon for a hot beverage – ‘Leonard, don’t you see he’s upset!’ – he tells the guys about his famous clientele and the large collection of memorabilia he has a result. He invites them over to see his basement, where he learns more about Leonard and Penny from Sheldon. Locking the guys in his basement, he decides to give it another shot.

Meanwhile, Bernadette gets offered a place in a ‘sexiest female scientists’ photoshoot which is consequently cancelled by Amy. The two women disagree over whether or not sexuality has a place in the careers of female scientists and whether or not Bernadette’s participation in it would effect the whole female scientific community in general. It’s a thought provoking plotline, if concluded unsatisfactorily.

This week’s episode is a simply yet hilarious one with a premise that even seems (though admittedly still at a stretch) realistic. Whilst it doesn’t really take the characters anywhere substantial (you could argue the Bernadettte/Amy storyline does) the humour makes up for this easily, especially with Billy Bob Thornton’s straight faced delivery of some of the best lines.

Right, well, now this is done … where can I see Tobey Maguire’s prostate sonogram … ?

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