Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Season 2 Episode 5 Review: “The Mole”

(Beware, spoilers below!)

After a week of hiatus, Brooklyn Nine-Nine is back with an episode which is full of laughs.

The biting exchanges between Captain Holt and Deputy Chief Wunch continues given that there is an apparent mole in the precinct and the drugs task force hasn’t busted any Gigglepig. Both Terry and Diaz visit a silent disco in an attempt to actually find some drugs. Queue a brief moment of hilarity. Terry uses his worry about his twins to actually find out a potential link of a Gigglepig supplier.

It turns out that Jake takes home files from work and is bad to take them back. He gets Amy to help track them down from both his house and Gina’s apartment. In the process they discovers Gina and Charles secret relationship. Gina flips and determines they need to end things. Meanwhile Jake visits the Captain for help when he’s found out that he figures out the the Gina Boyle connection in an instant. After a filled night of guessing, Jake figures out it’s Miller, the man who’s come in to investigate. They managed to trick Wunch and get some leverage on her to leave the Nine-Nine alone.

This week’s episode is a quality one that ends on a high (literally) but that also gets a lot of laughs out whilst still getting on with the police work of the precinct. Whilst bits of it might be a little unrealistic (for the extremely picky), this has never been something that has bothered the show or should bother it’s viewers. I’m glad the nine-nine is back, and I’m looking forward to next week.

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