Plebs, Season 2 Episode 8 Review: “The Race”

(Beware, spoilers below!)

Alas, it is the last episode of an all too short season of Plebs (even though it was longer than last year’s), which has improved in overall humour from season one – quite a compliment considering how funny that one was. With the girls set to be deported back to Britain, Marcus desperately tries to be able to help them stay. At first he tries going to see Flavia, but hot on the heels of being spurned by her husband, he’s getting nowhere. When in a frustrated moment, he marches over to ask Metella why she’s always given out to him, the answer he gets turns out to be somewhat… different than expected.

Stylax has been offering another solution. He’s keep to race on the underground race track and thinks if he can win, the girls can raise the 3000 denarii needed for them to stay. After having slept with both girls, Marcus asks Stylax to lose the race so that it would be easier for both girls to go.

Meanwhile, Grumio is getting paid in roast chickens to crawl through the water pipes in a maximum security prison to see the recently banged up landlord. He gets stuck in a pipe on his last trip as the landlord makes it out and arrives just in time to the race … to help Stylax win. It’s in this unfortunate moment that Metella kisses Marcus in front of Cynthia.

As the boys walk back home – Stylax now reeking of vomit and finally disillusioned with chariot racing, Marcus with a bloody nose and Grumio covered in the excrement from the sewers – they see the girls leaving. But it’s not because they’re being deported, it’s because they don’t want to be near Marcus anymore. As he laments how he’s lost both girls, in a touching moment Stylax encourages him to think of the good things in life.

When it comes to Plebs, I most certainly hope we haven’t lost it. Whilst this is the last episode of its second run, ITV haven’t been all to clear on whether or not the show will be back for more future runs. With moments such as the hubby beating scene (that got me in stitches) or the ‘mooing’, Plebs is a unique comedy both in its quality humour and setting. It’d be a shame to lose it, as I’ve loved every episode. Make more, ITV! (Please?!)


One thought on “Plebs, Season 2 Episode 8 Review: “The Race”

  1. “Plebs” is unlike anything I´ve seen before, just because of its setting. It is just so massive, it never feels cheap. Is like taking a 200 million blockbuster set just to make poop jokes. And it is glorious.


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