Bear Pure Fruit Yoyos: Review

I’m not a vet of the health snack market by any means, by I have over the years developed a sweet tooth. It’s one that’s primarily diverted to sweets such as Haribo, Maoam, Rowntrees’ Randoms and Jelly Belly, and a couple of years ago I really took up a quest to find snack foods that were still sweet but were the kind that a more conscientious (or adventurous) eater might be keen to try out.

Enter Bear Pure Fruit Yoyos. They are rolls of pressed fruit that are baked, and there are always two in a pack. Each pack counts as one of your five a day, there’s no added sugar and best of all, they are absolutely delicious. These do not have the texture of a more synthetic jelly sweet, they are slightly stiffer to simply roll, but that’s because of how the pure fruit stick together. If anyone’s backed fruit before, you’ll know the sinkable tough texture that occurs and it’s no different with the Bear Yo-yos.

The Yo-yos come in six flavours: Strawberry, Raspberry, Blackcurrant, Apple, Mango and Pineapple. There’s no fault to be found with any of the flavours: in fact what’s so great about the yoyos is that you can really taste the really fruit flavours when you eat them. For those of you who want me to delve a little into nutritionals, they’re around 54 cals a pack for the two fruit rolls and all the sugar in it is sugar naturally found in the fruit. They are indeed sweet, but they always feel like you’re eating something from nature. Each bear pack also comes with a cute free collector card which can be fun for both adults and children (they’re more intelligent that you might think).

I’m a huge fan of the Bear company and its range – particularly that of its baked fruit (I’ll review their paws some other time). I’m not paid to review this at all but I love their snack range so much that I really wanted to review this. I’m hoping people will be encouraged to give it a try. Food being marketed as ‘super healthy’ often get a bad rep because people think they either taste horrible or are a rip off. I’ve loved Nakd and Eat Natural bars for years, and it doesn’t hurt that I don’t necessarily feel as gluttonous eating it as I would a Mars bar.

Anyhow: Bear Yoyos are one of my favourite sweet treats, and I hope you give them a try too. They’re whole rolls of pure fruity yumminess.


One thought on “Bear Pure Fruit Yoyos: Review

  1. My son loves these and don’t like eatin real fruit as a whole in school…so thought these was a good way of getting him to eat fruit and one of his one a day ,,,,,,every time I give him these in his lunch the teacher won’t let him eat them sayin no more yo yo in your lunch there not good for you,,,, is there anyway u can send me something to show my child’s teacher that they are real fruit and not junk food like she thinks


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