Selfie, Season 1 Episode 5 Review: “Even Hell Has Two Bars”

(Beware, spoilers below!)

In the first episode of this double bill of Selfie, Henry scores the opportunity he’s always wanted: going to the boss Sam’s Santa Barbara ranch for a weekend retreat. Much to his surprise, Sam invites Eliza too. Despite her aversion to being called anyone’s plus one (a pretty great moment), Eliza comes with Henry.

We’ve always known Henry was ambitious and he attempts to secure the promotion he so wants are tied up in endless talking, impressing and $16,000 worth of horse riding lessons. Eliza can clearly see that he’s losing his game, and she tries to get him to light up a little bit. This goes a little awry when it turns out her ideas sound more appealing than Henry’s, and when Henry tries to loosen up, ends up jumping into a forbidden freshwater pool.

He takes it out of Eliza before going to apologise to Sam, who tells him the apology was one of the most human sides of him he’s shown all trip. Not only this, but that Eliza seems to be making him open up more. Having gotten the promotion he wanted, he rides out on a horse to find Eliza (who is desperately searching for wi-fi) and apologises.

It’s an episode focusing on Henry’s faults this time round, instead of either a) Eliza’s or the better b) a balance of both. It was a forgettable episode, but not one I had a problem with. It was charming and what it did best most of all was showcasing David Harewood as boss Sam, who is rapidly turning out to one of my favourite characters on the show. He’s hilarious with some of the funniest lines and seeing the story with his family unfold is actually rather interesting, setting the stage for a great next episode.


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