Selfie, Season 1 Episode 6 Review: “Never Block Cookies”

(Beware, spoilers below!)

It’s another Henry-centric episode as Eliza notices the man is a little … frustrated *cough cough*. With the help of Charmonique, the girls end up setting Henry up with one of the baristas downstairs. Needless to say, Henry fails at the game spectacularly, not only turning down a cookie the woman gave him but then commenting that she’s ‘losing inventory’. Eliza comes up with a plan which I genuinely sure must have been used by many a person before for their friends: setting up multiple dating profiles for him and then inviting them all to a big party where he’s sure to score. They’re found out along the way by Sam who decides to help to hilarious effect.

Meanwhile Sam has problems of his own. He seems to be brushing aside his son-in-law, first not singing his name, then passing him over for a job interview opportunity, then not inviting him to lunch. After a giving out from his wife, he makes an effort to know Terence more. It turns out he’s the most hilariously unaggressive guy you’ve ever met. Placated after all, Sam gives Terence a raise.

Eliza’s been trying to get Henry prepped for his big date party, which leads to a tension filled touching sesh (not as racy as it sounds) between the two of them. However, the night of the party not only does Henry see it’s full of women that both resemble either Eliza or Charmonique, but he’s insulted they’d assume to do that for him. It’s not a loss however, as Henry does manage to score (of sorts), in a hilariously awkward scene.

A much more fun and interesting episode that its predecessor, this episode of Selfie managed to pack a fair amount in considering the show’s generally short-er running time. I’m interested as to why the writers are fleshing Sam’s character out more and more, Harewood’s delivery is so charming I don’t mind. It was also nice to see the return of Charmonique this episode, who in turn is becoming a more in depth character than just ‘sassy African-American’. Did we also see some Henry/Eliza development this week that was actually not just Henry sided? I sure hope so. All in all, I was glad to get a double dose of Selfie this week after it’s absence, and I hope it ups its game even more, something I’m sure the writers can do, especially since they’re gifted with such a theatrically capable cast.

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