French Sole Pumps: Review

I’m not very tall so I don’t wear pumps often, but every girl needs a black pump, so why not make it a good one … right?

I had heard about French Sole by Jane Winkworth for a while and when looking for my new flat I weighed up between getting one of her famous designer ballet flats or those of world-famous Repetto. I’ve still never tried the latter’s shoes (though I promise to one day) but I don’t regret getting my French Soles for a second.

She makes the most basic design of flats as well as ones with low heels, lace ups and wide fits. The latter chance was particularly alluring to me as I’ve had pumps before which are very narrow, resulting in ending up between sizes without a good fit on each. Her soles are not particularly cushioned – as someone used to cushioned soles such as in trainers – this was a little surprising, but by no means a deal breaker. It’s not as cushy as a pillow, but not so rigid as to be painstakingly uncomfortable. The heels ‘clack’ a little, but unless you’re a violent stepper this again should not be a problem, and given I’m so used to wearing heels this sound is fine. There’s a tieable bow on the the front of some of the shoes, and I find these can come apart very easily unless you pull them tight.

At first they might just look like regular pumps but these actually take more wear and tear in the sole than the usual bargain bin pumps. The toughness of the heel is put to good use and the grip of the shoe on your foot is good. As scared as I have been that they would slip off before, they never have. To be expected is that the sole is not grip focused, so do expect a bit of slip if you’re playing about on slipper floors (or you know, don’t wear them).

All in all, I love them very much. The more discerning pump fanatic might find something to fault in them, but the structure of the shoe holds well (it’s tough to bend and squish just from pressing about with your foot). These are shoes that when cared for can and are made to last a long time. That’s exactly what I intend to do with my French Soles.


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