Dior Lip Glow: Review

Another hero product of mine is the Dior Lip Glow. This lip glow is part of the Dior Addict range and along the same line you can also get the Dior Addict Lip Maximiser. I like both products, but as someone that loves a great lipbalm, the Lip Glow is a product I take with me everywhere.

The Lip Glow is a pink looking lip balm – but it doesn’t stain your lips as pink as you might initially think. It’s a ‘colour awakening’ lip balm. This means that once you put it on, it is meant to help enhance your lips natural colour. Instead of putting on a balm with a tint on, the Lip Glow helps your lips look naturally more refreshed and, well … glowing. I was skeptical at first of whether or not this really does work, but after a year or so of use I assure you it really does.

It is formula enriched with mango and is very moisturising. It stays on my lips longer than most other balms I use and also has a lovely scent. I prefer it a little more to the Maximiser as I think it lasts more and I’m not much of a gloss person as I don’t like the stickiness. If you’re not into balms though, I’d give the Maximiser a try (it works a tad differently as there is collagen in it which is meant to help plump your lips – I’d say in this effect it does work, even if the effects are to me less pronounced than with the Lip Glow).

Anyhow, another week, another great product. The Lip Glow may be on the steeper side, but you don’t need a lot of it to work and it is a genuinely great product. I might need to pop some on, now…

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