Downton Abbey, Season 5 Episode 8: Review

Downton Abbey ends it season 5 run with a 90 minute episode which centers primarily around the buzz to do with Lady Rose’s wedding. There’s tension between both In-Laws-to-be, specifically Lord Syndeby and Rose’s mother Susan. As Rose’s wedding (not in a lavish church but a simple registry office), her mother takes the final step to attempt o derail proceedings by informing absolutely everyone that she’s getting a divorce. However, for every yin there is a yang and luckily the support of both Atticus’ mother and Rose’s father sees the happy couple through. Lady Mary, on a side note is just being generally melancholic and though she’s well let go of Gillingham, may now have turned her mind to Blake.

Meanwhile, Edith is happily settling in with Margiold living at the house. I breathed a sigh of relief at how everything has turned out for the best after all. Cora stays mum with her daughter and they keep up the story they concocted last week. But despite the times this season when reason might have it otherwise, Robert isn’t entirely stupid and it’s not before long he tells Cora why baby Marigold seems to familiar to him.

Downton can’t be all happiness and smiles and maid Denke is injecting some snark into the show now that we can finally really be sympathetic towards Thomas.¬†For once Thomas gets to play the hero as he figures out what her shadowy nighttime trips are about. Anna too is in hot water. Will her and Bates be forever plagued by bad luck? She is arrested by the police near the end of the episode on suspicion of being involved with the Mr Green case. We don’t yet know on what grounds they’re arresting her and given the questioning so far we were lead to believe it was a closed case. I guess it’ll up to the Christmas special to fill it that drama.

Daisy too is struck with the education bug and in continuing with her trend of discovery and discontent, she’s wondering whether or not she should stay in London. When she finally decides to go Mrs Patmore is understandably sad and changes her mind after all.

There I guess is the main problem with this episode. Downton has never been a Game of Thrones – to a certain extent we know the characters will usually get a happy ending. But unfortunately aside from Branson (possibly?) leaving us forever for Boston, every plot line is resolved pretty quickly or efficiently. Nobody was even beaten up in that seedy London club: I expected a little more. Atticus and Rose made up in the beat of a heartbeat, Lord Grantham happily decided to love his daughter’s child anyway, and Daisy changed her mind about London in shorter time than an ad break. I do understand the trouble of multiple plotlines, and it is up to us as the watcher to a certain extent to believe that we’re not going to be shown our characters just sitting and thinking to do things. But this doesn’t mean the drama can be throwaway either.

Whatever you felt about this episode, a special mention must be made at the end for the Rememberance tribute, especially on this Rememberance weekend. It is just as significant now as it would have been then and I’d like to think that somewhere some small plaque was erected for characters like Mrs Patmore’s nephew. As is quite fitting, I enjoyed and will remember this scene the most.


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