Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Season 2 Episode 6 Review: “Jake and Sophia”

(Beware, spoilers below!)

“Hot Damn!” cries out Captain Holt at the beginning of the episode. It’s a fun half hour which sees Eva Longoria guest star as Sophia Perez, the Defence Attorney who takes on Jake and Terry in the courthouse. Jake tries hard to derail and win the case, but he loses. Either way, this isn’t a loss for him as he still asks out Sophia in a great back and forth scene

In the aftermath of Gina (who knew her name was Regina!) and Boyle’s break up, both of them fight over a non-refundable luxury hotel weekend. They both try to get the other out of the way for the weekend, but this doesn’t work in the slightest. It does however lead to a hilarious final scene between Boyle’s dad and Gina’s mum. Cue comments next episode

Meanwhile, Rosa tries to get Amy to run for Union rep vs Scully. Amy’s scared of running against the brass but via a private pow-wow the Captain tells her she can still stand up against authority and become a captain like he did. We’re treated to a flashback scene of a younger Captain Holt which really incites the laughs.

It’s a funny episode of the Nine-Nine this week as we finally see Jake move on from Amy and the Boyle/Gina dynamic make your wonder if their fling is really over. I for one am looking forward to hopefully seeing more of Eva Longoria in a show. Trust Jake to be getting it on with a Defence Attorney, eh?

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