Once Upon a Time, Season 4 Episode 7 Review: “The Snow Queen”

(Beware, spoilers below!)

The newest episode of Once Upon a Time centers on Ingrid and her childhood, answering questions we were presented with last week.

Ingrid’s powers are uncovered as a child when her sisters are in danger. She’s instantly afraid and she’s called a monster. However her sisters make a pact that they’ll always stand by her, as symbolised by ribbons they wear. Time passes and she’s hiding herself away in the palace as her sisters go to balls. We see her powers manifest in a similar way that Elsa’s did when they’re scared or frightened.

She tries to run away but her sisters, led by Helga, stand by her completely. Gerda tells of a man named Rumplestiltskin who is powerful enough to help and we see him give her both the gloves and the urn in exchange for the ribbons. Even though the other sisters protest, she gives away her ribbon anyway and her sisters follow suit. Sometime later she’s sitting alone in the garden when the Duke of Weselton accosts her. In a panic she rebuffs him using her powers and he calls her dreaded the M word. His lies to Helga don’t work but as Ingrid tries to get the Duke away using her powers she accidentally freezes Helga in the heart. Her sister turns to ice and dies.

Horrified, Gerda traps Elsa in the urn and goes to Grandpabby, requesting for him to perform the memory-wiping spell that he mentioned last week.

It’s on the back of this story that Emma captures Ingrid in Storybrooke. With her own personal accounts of both herself and Emma’s past she’s able to get inside Emma’s head. As she questions Ingrid Emma gets angrier and angrier until she blows a wall open in the police station and almost injures David. Her family’s reactions aren’t what they think and she flees to a spot alone above the town.

Meanwhile we’re give a greater dose of Regina. She’s angry with Robin for not spending more time trying to find his wife and her drowns his sorrows in Granny’s. There he encounters Will Scarlett and they have a little heart to heart. Whilst we still don’t know what’s happened to Will’s beloved, He gives Robin some advice on fighting for True Love which leads to the most swoon-worthy moment of the episode. “All my life I’ve lived by a code,” he says, “today is not one of those days.” Cue make out sesh.

Henry also reenters the picture as he starts his first day at Mr Gold’s shop. Regina and Henry seem closer than ever as she ties his tie. Yet at Mr Gold’s he’s not given any ‘magical’ tasks and is set to sweeping the floor or polishing the furniture. Anyone taking bets on wether he’ll do a Mickey and put the hat on when he finds it by accident?

Lastly Ingrid comes to Mr Gold asking for her ribbons back. In exchange she’ll tell him the secret to cleaving himself from the Dark One’s dagger. The deal goes down smoothly as he ominously says he’ll do it with pleasure.

It’s a mellow episode of Once Upon a Time his week, which focuses on the small moments. Mary Margaret going to a ‘first time mother’s class’ (led by Cinderella the baby-whisperer no less) and Emma’s reaction. When it comes to Emma suddenly feeling distant from her family it feels like Ingrid’s somehow managed to heighten those feelings very suddenly. I know it was a spur of the moment flight but I wonder wether or not she would have at least opened up to Elsa? Though knowing Emma, it makes sense she’d want to be alone. I do however agree with Mary Margaret’s chastisement of herself and David near the end of the episode. Of course their situation is a very unique one, but there were moments when Mary Margaret especially could have reacted differently. On a side note, it’s nice to see the Charming/Hook bro show when it comes to worrying about Emma – with their leather jacket combos it’s a lot of fun.

Overall the episode is buoyed by us learning about Ingrid’s backstory, one that makes her a far more tragic figure than perhaps Rumplestiltskin. Whilst we can definitely question her means of getting her ‘happy family’, what happened was most certainly tragic. I do wonder why Helga turned to ice so quickly, however. It took Anna quite a while to finally freeze from her ice-struck heart and I’m surprised Helga went so fast. Also with Gerda’s physical similarities to Anna I can understand why Ingrid wouldn’t exactly warm to her niece.

As always, Once Upon a Time has filled me with questions I’m looking forward to being answered next week: what does Ingrid want with the ribbons? Anyone else wonder if Henry is being paralleled with Mickey? What is it that Gold needs to do to achieve everything he wants? What will that mean for the hat? Will Regina give up on her Marian quest or will things with Robin Hood end up just as tense as before? And did anyone else find the fact Aurora’s baby was called Philip too cute for words? ‘Til next week, everyone – I’m looking forward to it.


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