Selfie, Season 1 Episode 7 Review: “Landline”

(Beware, spoilers below!)

The newest episode of Selfie deals with Eliza having to face Henry dating – and being afraid that she’s losing his friendship.

As we saw last week, Henry hit it off with Julia and at the beginning of the episode we see that he has begun regularly seeing her. Eliza, who’s used to spending time with Henry and able to use his time whenever she sees fit, struggles with this. It doesn’t help at both Bryn and Charmonique regale stories to her about losing people to relationships, and so she attempts to sabotage Julia by writing a negative review.

This however does not go to plan as it only angers Henry. Eliza bakes (a very disturbing) cake in order to try and apologise. Henry realises that Eliza does need his support, especially as she’s giving an introduction at a pharmaceutical conference that evening. The two reconcile, with Eliza glad not to have lost her ‘only real friend’.

Another week, another cute episode of Selfie. The charming dynamic between John Cho and Karen Gillian has been one of the main draws of the show and it’s highlighted this episode. Whilst we may be a way away from seeing them both together as a couple, I’m still happy to watch them. The balance between Henry both learning how to approach dating outside of just working, as well as Eliza slowly letting go of her need for online interaction makes for a fun 20 minutes that not only keeps the show moving, but keeps us wanting to come back for more.


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