Modern Family, Season 8 Episode 8 Review: “Queer Eyes, Full Hearts”

(Beware, spoilers below!)

Haley has balls in this week’s episode when she manages to score a job with big shot designer Gavin Sinclair (as noted in a hilarious last scene). As Alex is preparing for an exam Claire notices Andy coming round to the house to spend time with Haley. Whilst Haley makes her panic by saying it’s just for sex, in fact they’ve been helping each other out by way of prepping for job interviews. Andy, who hits of off well with Phil, ends up scoring a place as Phil’s new assistant.

Cam is singled out by a TV reporter for being a openly gay successful football coach and Mitchell is feeling sidelined. As Cam hilarious puts on makeup and poses for the camera Mitchell in fact has a very important case on that he has been trying to draw attention to. In the end, Cam visits the court (though not without his mishaps) and in the end gives Mitchell some of the credit he deserves.

Last but not least, Gloria tries to get Manny to learn Spanish and ends up getting a hunky male tutor round to the house. Feeling threatened, Jay allows Manny to change to French, which angers Gloria as she knows she struggles with English. Feeling remorseful, Jay rehires the Spanish tutor in order to learn the language himself.

This week’s episode of Modern Family is actually funny, with the best laughs coming from the more subtle references. The Pritchett-Delgado comes up trumps with this whilst Phil as always manages to endearingly steal the show. The relationship between Manny and Jay has come a long way since Season 1 and it’s really something to see the two bonding more. Meanwhile, I hope we see Haley in her new job with guest star Michael Urie (from Ugly Betty fame) – it’s fun to see her sass.


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