Constantine, Season 1 Episode 4 Review: “Feast of Friends”

(Beware, spoilers below!)

“Don’t open the bottle.” From now on I’ll consider listening a bit more when someone tells me to do that. Insects creep me out, and insects are abounds this episode of Constantine.

We’re introduced to Gary Lester, an old friend who worked with John during Newcastle. He managed to heal a man with a demon trapped in him in Sudan, but unfortunately the containment jar was smashed as he went through customs and the demon was reunleashed. John has very little sympathy for Gary, who he feels has wasted away his life.

Constantine manages to track down the next victim that’s been hit by the demon, but he’s too late. The demon has claimed more victims with its ever consuming appetite, and he tries to capture it but fails. He goes to find Nommo, a shaman who helps him find it via a shared vision. In it they swap eyes he manages to convey the story of the shaman in Sudan trapping the demon and sparing people from famine.

Meanwhile back in the house Gary is determined to retrap the demon. He touches Zed again so she cannot stop him. When John finds her again she’s incapacitated and he goes after Gary. More is uncovered about the Newcastle episode: Gary was high during the séance and then hid when things were going wrong. John’s unexpectedly kind and forgiving to Gary, letting him come along when the demon is found again.

This episode features Manny several times, during the last of which he asks if he’s sure he’s ready to do this. John assures him he is. However we find out that John’s not as benevolent has he might think: he plans to trap the demon in Gary’s body. The act will kill him and there’s no going back.

“Feast of Friends” is a more insightful Constantine episode that might originally be thought. What seems like a normal demon episode in fact uncovers more about Constantine and his character than might be thought. For all he says about knowing and being aware of the truth, even Constantine is perhaps more self assured than he might think. Angélica Celaya is once again great in the role of Zed, managing to better balance her vulnerabilities with her want to keep John in check. The high stakes in this episode make it more heightened than before, one that shows this show is willing to push the boundaries of the superhero formula more than initially might be thought. It’s a welcome move – and I look forward to “Danse Vaudou’ next week.

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