EOS Lip Balm: Review

If you’ve seen EOS (Evolution of Smooth) lipbalms at all, I’d say it’s through some celebrity product placement. They’re out on the town, chatting away with pals, when suddenly out pops this round looking lipbalm thing. Spherical lipbalm what?

As you can see on the picture, part of the draw towards EOS lipbalms is due to the fact that they aren’t a stick but a round ball. Unscrew the top and you’ll see a blob of lipbalm ready for you to use. I guess that’s the first issue to tackle here – does the spherical shape really make much difference? I’d argue not. When I use it I feel like I’m just using a bigger rounder version of a normal lip balm stick. The shape is meant to help more accurate precision when it comes to applying it on your lips. Is it more accurate? I don’t feel much difference. I don’t use it and think ‘wow, that’s really changed the way I think about lip balm’.

However, the EOS formula is fabulous. As a lip balm formula it’s one of the closest to the Vaseline formula I’ve ever tried. So obviously if you don’t like the Vaseline texture you’re instantly going to be deterred, but I will say that it hydrates, softens and moisturises well. It lasts for a long time and the flavours are great. It might be make up purse friendly in terms of the size, and it only comes in a clear colour but as a basic lip balm it can’t be faulted. However it’s far too expensive in the UK, at over six pounds (around 11 dollars) from most UK retailers.

So EOS? For a Brit it might be no more than a passing indulgence due to the price, but if cheaper, it would be a lip balm I’d love to try again.

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