Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Season 2 Episode 7 Review: “Lockdown”

(Beware, spoilers below!)

In this Thanksgiving themed episode of Nine-Nine, Jake is left in charge of the precinct. As might be expected he starts off as an easygoing boss until Boyle drops a package full of white powder. Unable to identify what it is, the precinct is on lockdown.

Meanwhile, Terry is relieved to be out with Captain Holt because he doesn’t want to stay behind with his brother-in-law Zeke at home, who always belittles him. However, when they receive news of things going awry in the precinct, Zeke warms up to Terry and it’s a charade the Captain is surprisingly happy to keep up with.

However, Jake’s had to contend with various ‘factions’ (aka people locked behind in the station with the force) and whilst he manages to appease the mob bit by bit this eventually spirals out of control when news gets out that it’s not baking powder. Amy convinces Jake that he has to put his foot down and contrary to his previous management style, he manages to finally take the reins at the end. It turns out the package was harmless after all.

It’s a short episode this week, with a very contained story. Much of the laughs come from Terry’s storyline or Rosa’s hilarious quips, but it’s an enjoyable if less notable half hour of comedy.  However, with Ed Helms (The Office, The Hangover Trilogy, We’re the Millers) guest starring next week, we’re sure to be in for some fun.

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