The Flash, Season 1 Episode 6 Review: “The Flash Is Born”

(Beware, spoilers below!)

In the newest episode of The Flash we’re introduced to a man from Barry’s past, Tony Woodward. As fate would have it, he’s turned into a metahuman who’s made of steel. Meanwhile Joe goes to Dr Wells to help solve the murder of Nora Allen.

We find out that Tony was hit by the electromagnetic pulse and fell into a vat of molten material. Barry is filled with rage and anger over what happened with him as a child and gets frustrated. Cisco finds out that if Barry hits Tony at over Mach 1, he’ll can do serious damage, but if he could shatter every bone in his body. Tony takes Iris and demands he write about her, but as expected Barry shows up and after an attempted beating manages to take him on with a supersonic punch. Iris and Barry eventually reconcile – and she reveals that there have been rumoured sightings of a man that is on fire but doesn’t burn up (Firestorm, anyone?).

Barry also has to contend with Iris carrying on writing about the streak whilst in real life they aren’t speaking. Having noticed the radio silence, Eddie bonds more with Barry whilst trying to figure what’s going wrong. He helps Barry focus his anger, and they train together.

Joe is onto Dr Wells. It seems that he wants to finds out more about the probabilities of a metahuman being responsible for Nora’s murder, but he’s onto more than that. We’re given the name ‘Tess Morgan’ who is yet a new name outside of the comics. As a former paramour of Harrison, he says that’s the reason for his moving to Central City, and the two reconcile to work together to solve the case.

Before the end though, Joe’s confronted with the same yellow red blur Barry saw on the night of his mother’s murder. He takes away all the files on Nora Allen, and leaves Joe with a threat.

The Flash continues to be a great show, balancing overall arcs with immediate episode action. The chemistry between Barry and Iris is more convincing than it was in the beginning, and it’s also nice to see Eddie up to more than just being Iris’ boyfriend. The teases with both Firestorm and Professor Zoom are tantalising, with the latter being appropriately creepy. Tony being Barry’s old childhood bully also provided a fresh twist and gave us as an audience extra reason to root for Barry’s victory. I get Lois/Clark vibes from seeing The Flash meeting Iris on the roof in secret, but I’m endeared by it: more, please.

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