Modern Family, Season 6 Episode 8 Review: “Three Turkeys”

(Beware, spoilers below!)

This week’s Thanksgiving themed episode of Modern Family might be one of the funniest episodes this season.  Phil’s on turkey dinner duty with Luke, Claire’s making a back up one and Jay and Gloria have made one for themselves since they’re pretending to be on holiday.

Claire bonds with Alex as they realise that both Phil and Luke are usually the ones running around having fun. That fun leads to the house accidentally going out of power, which means that the Thanksgiving dinner is moved to Jay and Gloria’s house.

This scuppers Jay and Gloria’s plans, and they quickly have to hide upstairs and pretend that they’ve only just come back. This backfires as Gloria has to hide their own Turkey in Luke’s birthday present whilst Jay accidentally leaves Joe upstairs.

Meanwhile Cam and Mitchell have a problem with Lily, who is becoming increasingly sassy as she grows older. However, Mitchell is usually the one to scold her whilst Cam is worried about alienating her. After a hilarious episode with dresses and Gloria mis-hearing in secret, it all figures out.

There’s also a funny side story with Manny and Hayley, where Manny inadvertently keeps pushing the boundaries of propriety where Hayley is concerned. Phil is also rather enamoured with Nigella Lawson’s voice on audio, especially the meringue episode with ‘all the beating and whipping.

The three turkey’s plotline comes to a head with Gloria and Jay providing most of the laughs, as well as a hilariously timed entrance by Luke. I might still be laughing – it was that funny. “It is called customs … they respect … customs.” oh Gloria, you gem, you.


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