The Big Bang Theory, Season 8 Episode 10 Review: “The Champagne Reflection”

(Beware, spoilers below!)

Sheldon’s gearing up for the last of his 232 episode series ‘Fun With Flags’, the rest of the boys are cleaning out Roger Abbot’s old office, and Penny and Bernadette go to a company gathering.

Let’s just get it out there: 232 episode of Fun With Flags? I don’t think CBS has realised what it’s done – they need to create this! Anyhow, we’re treated to a fun montage of the Fun With Flags show, since Sheldon is creating the last ever episode.

Meanwhile, Leonard is reflecting on a how a whole career can amount to nothing given how Roger Abbot seems to have achieved very little in his career. Even when they find books of numbers in his office and go to ask an old friend of his what they mean, they find out it’s just an obsessive calorie diary. Leonard eventually brings home an old bottle of champagne Arthur’s mum gave him (to celebrate his first big achievement), and as always … even Sheldon manages to ruin that.

Lastly, at a company gathering Penny finally decides to tell Bernadette how people in the company are afraid of her. Some hilarious truths are uncovered – the company’s been paying for Bernadette’s coffee for five months and been pretending that the bathroom on one of the floors is solely hers. All because they’re just a bit intimidated by her.

As can be seen by the run time, this is a shorter episode of The Big Bang Theory this week, and one which doesn’t move much forward even though it is funny. However, it is nice seeing the little things addressed, and it’s a testament to how far Penny has come that she’s the third best sales rep, which I thought was a nice touch. We’ll have to wait two weeks until the next episode, which will feature Raj’s dad and a whole lot of Christmas. I can’t wait.


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