Constantine, Season 1 Episode 5 Review: “Danse Vaudou”

(Beware, spoilers below!)

We’re faced with multiple cases this episode of Constantine, as well as the return of Papa Midnite. John is trying to get a psychic link between Zed and the map, and with the help of a nifty contraption that used to belong to Queen Victoria (no, I’m not joking), they uncover another case.

A creepy woman with her face covered seems to have been killing people with scissors, and the policeman who saw one of the killings is shaken to his core. This isn’t the only murder, however. Meanwhile, a boy getting into a car asks to be taken into the city. Soon he disappears and causes the car to go off road, leading to the eventual death of the driver.

Constantine soon realises it’s a double homicide and with the help of Zed and Chaz – who does his cool trick of not dying – goes about finding whodunnit. Given that this is Constantine, it’s easy to figure out that it was spirits who did this: but why? Upon closer questioning they find out both the people left behind were related went to Papa Midnite.

Specifically, with a request to contact the deceased they left behind. Constantine interrupts the Papa during one of his rituals but given that their last meeting didn’t go so well it’s not exactly a smooth encounter. However Papa checks Constantine’s accusation that he’s bringing back people from the dead … by talking to a skull. It’s not any old skull, however, it’s the skull of his sister.

The two eventually work together to try and dispel these spirits, whilst Corrigan and Zed meet again on the stretch of road where some of the victims were killed. He reveals that he remembers who she is, that she was reported missing by her family a long time ago.

As can be predicted, through working together Constantine and Papa Midnite save the day, though Constantine is given a grave warning at the end. Someone close to him will be responsible for the rising darkness, and they will betray him.

I’m left genuinely intrigued by this episode – who is the dark one? Zed? Chas? Will Corrigan (a DC character) stick around? The relationship between John and Papa was also an interesting one: though set up as a villain, there’s obviously more there than we might have suspected. Zed too, is being a bit less of a damsel in distress than before and calling more of the shots. It was also nice to see Chas do some heavy lifting too, even though it didn’t really accomplish all that much. I’d like to see more uncovered about Corrigan (even if it’s just to teach us more about Zed’s vision at the beginning), especially given the grisly death of his that Zed foresees near the end.

This new episode helped flesh out all the characters, especially showing how they worked together and individually. So, once again renewed with hope for DC’s black magic show, I’m looking for next week’s intriguingly titled “Rage of Caliban”.

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