Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Season 2 Episode 8 Review: “USPIS”

(Beware, spoilers below!)

Ed Helms’ guest star on the Brooklyn Nine-Nine scene has him star as Jack ‘Jackie’ Danger, a worker for USPIS and a ‘federal agent’. With Rosa as head of the Gigglepig searching task force, she gives Jake instructions to work with Danger in order to find out why old postal keys are being used.

It leads them to the slightly-odd not-cool-as-expected Danger, who places himself as more important that the police and inadvertently means one of the suspects manages to slip away. Jake, growing frustrated with Danger, decides to breach Rosa’s orders which lands them in trouble and has the case taken away from them. In order to apologise, him and Boyle sit through a long explanation of the postal service from Danger and in the end a bust is successful.

Meanwhile, Amy is attempting to quit smoking. As she struggles, Gina, Captain Holt and Terry all use personal experience in order to help her stop. This includes meditation sessions, a long run and ice face dunking, but none of them work. The Captain finally susses that it’s Santiago’s perfectionism and pressure that actually ends up working against her, and it looks like it might work out for her in the future.

This episode of the Nine-Nine is buoyed by both Helms’ guest starring and the Jake/Boyle bromance. The real world setting of Jake having to follow Rosa’s orders is a nice touch, whilst in the B-plot its also nice to see the Captain and Amy’s relationship grow, as well as seeing Amy actually struggle with something. I hope Ed Helms returns, whilst I understand that next episode we have a different guest to look forward to in Eva Longoria’s Sophia.


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