Gotham, Season 1 Episode 10 Review: “Lovecraft”

(Beware, spoilers below!)

The new episode of Gotham moves the story forward leaps and bounds, as James gets kicked off the force and Bruce and Selina share a kiss. But hold up, how did we get there?

At the beginning, a hapless Wayne Manor gardner is killed by a few assassins who are out to hit Selina. In the ensuing fight – aka proof Alfred is more badass than we’ve ever suspected – Bruce and Selina escape from the manor and are in the wilds of Gotham. Selina tries to part with Bruce since he wants to find Alfred, but in a risky move of firm determination, he manages to keep up with her. As Selina takes him on they arrive at The Flea, a place where lots of the homeless kids hang out. Here, they find Ivy, the daughter of Mario Pepper. Even Selina finds her slightly creepy, and props to the young actress who plays her for making her seem just a tad unhinged.

Meanwhile, Jim is furious for what’s gone on and attempts to go after LoveCraft, who he believes is behind the assassins. When he finds the man, he assure Jim that he’s not the one behind it, and that the same people have tried going after him too. Just then, the assassins show up and knock Jim out whilst shooting LoveCraft with Jim’s gun. They soon also go after Selina, who tries to pawn off some items found at Bruce’s house. However, with Fish’s help both Alfred and Harvey find the kids, and though Selina has escaped, Bruce and Alfred are reunited. At the end, Selina sneaks back into Wayne Manor to give him back his things, as well as a kiss.

As this has been going on, Falcone has been furious of the robbery of his money that occurred last week. He quizzes Cobblepot, who tells him there’s a mole, but doesn’t give away that it’s Liza. After the meeting, Oswald says it’s all about timing, and that he’ll give away Liza when the time is right.

After the death of LoveCraft, the Mayor is furious with Jim and in order to ‘make things right’, says LoveCraft’s death is due to Jim’s interrogating and accusations, and reassigns Gordon to Arkham Asylum.

This episode of Gotham is a great one. The present stories are both intriguing and exciting, while the overall episode arcs are also moved along too. There’s a touching moment when Nygma hugs Jim at the end, and even the small scenes with Harvey flesh out his character in a few gestures. If there’s any clunkiness at all, it’s in bits of the dialogue or odd moments where you might question the character continuity. For example, we know Selina can be vicious (she clawed a guy’s eyes out for goodness’ sake), but this episode she didn’t really kick as much ass as we know she could. The balance between all the storylines teetered a bit, but it’s a better balance than we’ve had in some episodes, so I’ll let it pass. For now, I’m content to look forward to next week’s episode.

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