The Flash, Season 1 Episode 7 Review: “Power Outage”

(Beware, spoilers below!)

What happens when The Flash loses his powers? In this episode we find out as a new villain – named ‘Blackout’ manages to siphon away Barry’s powers.

This new villain is after Harrison Wells as revenge for the explosion that changed him and kills his friends. After taking away Barry’s powers he goes to S.T.A.R. Labs and attacks the team, which causes a blackout in the city. Distraught at the apparent change of the future, as well as the endangerment of his team, Wells unleashes Barry’s ex-bully, Girder to attempt to take down Blackout. Even Girder falls at the final hurdle and dies, and Barry is not too impressed with Wells’ actions. In an attempt to give Barry back his powers, Caitlin and Cisco hook up the treadmill, but this appears not to have worked.

As Wells and Blackout confront directly, Barry eventually connects with his powers and actually saves the day, though he’s a little late when it comes to what’s going down with Joe and Iris…

At the same time, the Clock King is taken in by the CCPD and because of the power outage, he uses it to his advantage to hold the department hostage, which includes Joe, Iris and Eddie. As Eddie attempts to save the day, he gets mortally shot, the Clock King takes Iris hostage and she attempts to shoot him. When Barry finally turns up he sees everything is okay. As he visits Eddie at the hospital (with Eddie hilariously drugged up on medication), he also takes the opportunity to apologise to Iris and most refreshingly doesn’t make excuses for why he couldn’t be there. We end with an odd look on Iris’s face, as well as Dr Wells unzipping the body bag with Blackout inside in order to find out how the man managed to take away The Flash’s powers.

Dr Wells is becoming more and more sinister, and it’s this which I find to be the biggest hook of the episode. The character development with Barry was nice and all, but most of the episode was a sideshow to Well’s motives and who he really is. The show is as charming as ever, with the nice inclusion of two villains mixing it up: the balance is held well. Anyhow, next week is well hyped Flash/Arrow crossover, so I’ll see you all next week!


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