Constatine, Season 1 Episode 6 Review: “Rage of Caliban”

(Beware, spoilers below!)

Unfortunately for the show, Constantine gives us a slower episode this week and the absence of Angelica Celaya’s Zed is felt quite keenly, though Harold Perrineau’s angel Manny does attempt to make up for it

We see John confront the spirit of a child who possesses children and then goes on to kill their parents. Creepy children cliché aside, if this episode does do anything it is to provide us some exposition in terms of the rising darkness, John’s own backstory and what the angels can and can’t do in terms of interfering with human activity.

The episode is full of jump scares (I counted anywhere from 0 to 5, depending on your capacity for jumping at … scares), and we’re treated to more in terms of the dynamic between Chaz and John. I suppose a reason why there’s not much plot for me to outline in detail though is because there isn’t much of one. As we already know, John doesn’t always get it right, but he does manage to  wrangle saving the day. We see more of this. The writers also take advantage of the Halloween setting in order to amp up the creepiness, and the House of Horrors setting at the end is fun.

The long period of time between the various attacks also suggest something not quite hinted at before: that the rising darkness has been – ahem – rising for much longer than we might have anticipated. I can’t imagine John being able to take it on on its own considering how powerful it appears to be. However, whilst the past forty minutes or so have kept me in tune with the show, Constantine has done better, with the main plot line actually being pretty feeble against the more significant story arc that has more consequential significance.


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