Book Review: Letters From Father Christmas by J.R.R. Tolkien

What would Christmas have been like if J.R.R. Tolkien was your father? Thanks to Letters from Father Christmas, we have an inkling of how this might have gone. Through the magical letters he used to send to his children during the Christmas season, Tolkien brought Christmas alive. I cannot replicate the drawings found in the book on here, but they are beautiful and evocative, as much so as the stories they accompany. Take this one for instantce:

‘It began with the funny noises underground which got worse and worse. I was afraid an earthquake might happen. The North Polar Bear suspected what was wrong from the beginning.’

For the next few weeks I will be focusing books on books connected to the Holiday season, and this is one of my favorites. For a fan of Tolkien this is a perfect present that will illuminate Christmas even more. However, this is Christmas themed present that can work for both adults and children alike. This is not in vein with the cheesy, manufactured Christmases we see pumped in shop windows and in a million sale ads, this is a Christmas purely created for the joy of the thing.

The letters themselves are very personal, they touch on little aspects of Tolkien and his families’ lives that would have been unknown to anyone but Tolkien’s nearest and dearest otherwise. He also writes from the North Pole Bear’s point of view, not just from Father Christmas. In the book this is in a different font, whilst looking at the actual letters themselves adds a new dimension to this different writing.

This is a beautiful Christmas book that would make a great stocking filler for everyone. If there ever was doubt Tolkein was a master of words, this should help assuage them. Happy Christmas countdown everyone, get into the spirit with this offering.

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