The Flash, Season 1 Episode 8 Review: “Flash vs. Arrow”

(Beware, spoilers below!)

Given the CW has now two superhero hits by way of Arrow and The Flash, can you blame them for wanting to do a crossover? This is a fun episode which is full of superheroes and metahumans: when Oliver is confronted with a villain that uses a boomerang, he and his team come to town.

Barry is confronted with a metahuman that can make people turn into rage filled versions of themselves via a flashing of his eyes. Oliver agrees to help Barry on his case but their personalities and methods are quite different, one preferring power, the other precision. When the two clash slightly, Barry decides to go after the metahuman on his own. The red eyes are flashed at him but at first we don’t seem to see anything different happening, until he starts acting angrily at everyone near and dear to him.

Meanwhile, there are tensions in Iris and Eddie’s relationship because he starts to believe the flash might be a dangerous menace. This is at odds with Iris’ opinion, which is that The Flash is a hero. Her secret meetings with him seem to be messing with the dynamic of her relationship, and it’s just then that the rage-filled version of The Flash shows up, attempting to harm Eddie.

The S.T.A.R. Labs team recruit Oliver to help get Barry under control. What follows is one of the most interesting fights all series, really showcasing the best of Barry’s abilities and what he might be capable of. Oliver manages to subdue Barry in time for Joe and Professor Wells to show up, and ‘rainbow’ Barry back to normal. After Oliver tells him that ‘guys like us don’t get the girl’, Barry goes to visit Iris, who’s still reeling from the outburst where he tried to hurt Eddie, and she tells him never to see her again.

Aside from well utilising both The Flash and the Arrow to play off each other, this episode helped introduce Firestorm and other DC villains into the fold. It might not have been the epic that it could have been, but Flash vs. Arrow was still fun to watch and built on the relationships between the two characters, expanding both universes. Seeing Felicity and Caitlin bond was really sweet, and Cisco had some great lines. The mystery of Professor Wells was not let go: even Oliver picked up something was not okay, but it took a back seat to the main bulk of the action.There was also a strange scene at the end with a past girlfriend which did not make much sense to myself as a non avid Arrow watcher, and this did wobble the footing of an otherwise fun story. Whilst those well caught up with The Flash news know Ollie will be returning next week, the ending could have been handled better, setting up for more of what’s to come.


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