Toy Story That Time Forgot: Film Review

(Beware, spoilers below!)

Toy Story That Time Forgot is the short 22 minute offering from Pixar based on a more developed short. After three years of work and two of story development, we are treated to this beautiful short film from the Pixar team.

We begin as Bonnie plays with her toys over Christmas, and goes to play with her friend Mason, who’s recently got into video games.

Trixie is feeling a little let down for not being taken seriously as a dinosaur, and she gets very excited when she finds the Battlesaur playset. One the one hand, Trixie and Rex are pampered as dinosaurs, whilst her friends are taken captive. These Battlesaurs even have they own theme song and it quickly becomes clear that they do not know they are toys. In the Battle Arena Trixie watches as Mason’s old toys are brutally dismembered until both Woody and Buzz are brought into the arena and eaten by a particularly big dinosaur.

The Battlesaurs eventually find out that Trixie ‘bears the mark of obedience’ aka Bonnie’s name on her foot, and they mark her as an enemy of the tribe. As she runs to get Bonnie she begins to show Reptillus Maximus the truth.

Buzz and Woody discover that the ruling dinosaur ‘The Cleric’ has been glad of the video game distractions so that he can rule the Battlesaurs on his own. Eventually, Trixie manages to convince Reptiullus Maximus to turn off the console and in a lovely scene, the kids begin to play with their toys. Trixie and the gang part from Mason’s toys on a high, promising to return next Tuesday. She has finally found her place as Bonnie’s toy whilst Reptiullus misses her already.

In twenty-two minutes Toy Story That Time Forgot reminds us why the Toy Story franchise is loved the world over. There are hilarious moments such as the slo-mo of the crayon being smashed, Kitty playing christmas carols on her horn, or The Cleric slotting into his knees. It also reinforces the great Toy Story motto, that children’s imaginations are great things to be celebrated. The new creation of Kitty is also utterly adorable (I think I want one). I love the Battlesaur theme song, which was a parody of so many kids’ commercials I remember and I hope to see Reptillus Maximus again in Toy Story 4. What a great addition to the holiday season Toy Story That Time Forgot was. Thank you, Pixar, thank you.

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