Modern Family, Season 6 Episode 9 Review: “Strangers In the Night”

(Beware, spoilers below!)

This episode of Modern Family we see Alex get a boyfriend, Mitchell and Cam get a new white couch and Jay go to a Bark Mitzvah.

The storyline about Alex getting a secret admirer seems like the plotline we’ve been waiting for for ages. As the studious member of the family, only Phil believes her when she says she has a beau, which Haley and Claire are instantly skeptical. The writers set up some hilarious coincidences to make us toe the line ourselves before we actually see the guy in the flesh and we’re surprised when within moments of a breakup with her old boyfriend she gets a new one. However, he shows up at the door and Claire and Phil finally see she’s telling the truth.

Mitchell and Cam get a new fancy designer sofa that is the whitest of white and Mitchell gets accosted by a co-worker going through a divorce, who asks if she can come stay. As can be predicted, she’s messy and a bit of a klutz, and so begins Mitch and Cam’s mission to stop he ruining the couch at any cost, even letting her sleep in their bed.

Jay is going to a Bark Mitzvah and he invites Gloria to come with him, which instantly makes her uncomfortable. After being there for a few short moments she proclaims it weird and goes home. However, Manny convinces her to go back and they return to the party, where Jay berates him for ruining his plan where he could avoid going to a Green Card party with Gloria’s friends the following day. There’s a short reveal at the end which proves hilarious where Jay thinks Manny’s known his big plan all along and it was a ploy to get the house to himself. We amusingly find out that Manny had no idea at all.

It’s a clever episode of Modern Family this time round, which the laugh inducing joke: “So Larry’s allowed to sit on the couch and I’m not?” “Well, Larry is white.” “You chose me.” “Oh honey, that’s not what I meant.” The setups were not outlandish this time, mirroring the very real scenarios that we all find ourselves into from time to time. Special kudos goes to Kristen Johnson as the guest-star Brenda in the Tucker-Pritchett storyline, who injected a bit of spark into the usual character dynamics.

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