Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Season 2 Episode 10 Review: “The Pontiac Bandit Returns”

(Beware, spoilers below!)

Jake has to make a tough choice when it comes to the Gigglepig case, Boyle and Gina try to split up their parents and Amy finds a flaw in one of Captain Holt’s old cases.

At the beginning of the episode we see how Jake and Rosa manage to apprehend the elusive ‘Pontiac Bandit’ a.k.a. Doug Judy. He claims that he can lead them to Tito Ruiz, the top dog at the head of the Gigglepig problem, and so Captain Holt promises a reduce sentence for his help. We follow Rosa, Jake and Doug as they stage some hilarious antics in a hotel room together before finally coming face to fact with Tito. However, when he finally takes them to his drug making lair the NYPD bust in and Jake has to choose between letting Doug go or catching his main man Tito. After regretfully letting him go he receives a message from the Bandit letting him know that Jake and Rosa were set up after all, and that the Pontiac always meant to escape.

Meanwhile, Amy tries to circumvent the Captain’s ‘no gift giving’ rule by giving him a scrapbook of his achievements she handmade. However, whilst doing this little project she realises that there was a mistake in one of his old cases and she nervously tells him. To her confusion and delight he says her calling him out on his mistake to his face was a far better gift he respects.

Lastly, Boyle finds a present his father is mean to give Gina’s mother and when the two open it they find a weighing scale instead. Sure this means the end of their parents relationship, they organise a little dinner to enable the gift giving and break up to occur earlier. However this goes awry too when they realise their parents move in together. Gina eventually returns renewed with purpose, declaring she will break up the two in order to make their lives better.

This episode is full of choc a bloc great moments that make this episode one the best this season. Lines such as “nog nog” or Rosa smiling with a big grin from ear to ear make the episode both hilarious and clever. Samberg and guest start Craig Robinson also play wonderfully off each other, creating an unexpected but fun dynamic which provides a greater twist on the episode. Right from the get go it gets stuck into the action in a scene that I’m sure could scar a few little kids for life. That’s one Santa you don’t want to be encountering.

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