Modern Family, Season 6 Episode 10 Review: “Haley’s 21st Birthday”

(Beware, spoilers below!)

The whole family comes together for Haley’s birthday, which involves cars, tattoos, and how babies are made.

Haley ends up going to a bar with her mom, Gloria, Cam and Mitchell. Cam and Mitchell get a crisis of identity when they realise they aren’t the once ‘cool’ gay guys they might have been when they were younger. While desperately trying to bond with Haley, Claire makes a promise to respect her decisions and allow her to do what she likes, which leads Haley to announce she wants a tattoo. Even though Claire is completely against it, Haley manages to convince her mom they should get matching ones.

Meanwhile, Phil is getting Haley a car and Jay comes along, convinced he can get a better deal. When he screws up the great first price Phil has, Jay goes to another dealer who can’t even match that price slightly. We soon find out that Jay buys the more expensive deal and convinces the dealer to pretend he got a better offer through his hard line negotiating. When the dealer spills the beans to Phil, Phil is predictably moved.

Lily is home with the boys and Alex. She starts asking them all where babies come from (leading to a hilarious scene with some dolls) and when Alex puts her foot down Lilly tells them that she actually knows. This leads to another question: who tells kids you need to drink tadpoles and eggs to make a baby?

Finally, at the tattoo parlour, Claire gets her tattoo but at the last minute Haley feels it looks painful and decides to bail. At the same time, Mitchell and Cam are considering getting tats as well to be ‘cool’ again. In the knick of time, Phil shows up and Haley avoids having the tattoo whilst Cam and Mitchell decide they’re better off without it.

As is common in Modern Family, Ty Burrell steals the scene as Phil, as evidenced by a great pre-credits scene. The episode makes a family affair of the great milestone that is the 21st whilst covering realistic topics (such as Haley obviously having a drink before) in an amusing way. The baby question was bound to come out from Lilly sooner or later, and it was an interesting twist from the writers to make the younger generation deal with it instead of her parents. All in all, some hilarious fun, and who would’ve thought Claire would be one to have a tattoo?


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