The Big Bang Theory, Season 8 Episode 11 Review: “The Clean Room Infiltration”

(Beware, spoilers below!)

This holiday themed episode of The Big Bang Theory is more revealing and adorable than might initially be assumed, leading to a charming ending which helps sum up Christmas.

Amy offers to host a Victorian themed Christmas party so that Raj can invite his dad, who is still in the middle of an ugly divorce with Raj’s mum. On Christmas Eve, only Penny, Amy and Raj’s dad are the attendees for a while, given a couple of situations that are going on.

Sheldon has decided that he wants to make Amy miserable for Christmas because he is miserable during the holidays. He thinks that if he gets her a present she’ll feel guilty for not getting him one and then the holidays will not have to occur.

Meanwhile Howard and Leonard are working in the Clean Room when they realise a pigeon has been let in. It sets off resolved friendship issues between the two of them until Raj shows up and tries to help. When they finally get the pigeon out they open the door to let it go only for a raven to fly straight in. As Leonard is on the phone to Penny, apologising for letting the bird in, she suggests they scrub their names off the list and head off home. Yay!

With the gang together at last, Sheldon gives Amy her present, which is a photo of him sitting on Santa’s lap and a recorded message. However, it doesn’t work with upsetting her, as she’s touched and reveals she got him a present after all: his Meemaw’s Christmas cookies. Sheldon’s both moved and touched, deciding that Christmas isn’t so bad after all.

This a hilarious and sweet episode of The Big Bang Theory, revealing more about the gang’s dynamics whilst grounding it the realism of the holiday season. There are hilarious gags as well as coincidences, and it’s charming to see Amy’s enthusiasm put to the gang’s get together – what a change from when she started off! It’s one of the most charming and relevant Christmas themed episodes I’ve seen this year, whilst also being true to the characters and not off point. Many congrats to Amy for making the Scrooge that is Sheldon start to love Christmas again!

(photo credit: spoilertv. com)


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