Burberry Lip Glow: Review

It makes sense that Burberry would not be the first name that comes to mind when ‘makeup’ is suggested, and for many the fact that Burberry even has a cosmetics collections has flown completely under the radar. My surprise over its existence led me to purchase their Lip Glow (their premium lip gloss) a couple of years ago, and I’ve pretty much remained on the fence about it ever since.

As soon as you open the beautifully packaged tube, one thing is obvious: the formula smells beautiful. I don’t know how I can emphasise this more. If there’s any reason I love using this product at all, it’s because it taste and smells divine when you put it on. The application wand is smooth, no different in shape than most other lipglosses on the market, though the quality of the brush is evident when you use it.

The formula itself is just about the right amount of sticky and glossy for me. I hate sticky lipglosses, and only this one along with my Chanel Lévres Scintillantes provide a consistency which I feel is glossy without being cloying. However, the life span of the gloss is not very good. It’ll last a fair amount, around two to three hours without eating to drinking, but if you do get to rubbing your mouth for whatever reason, the lipgloss and its shade is doomed, going almost instantly. Very little stain is left, so you’d need to get a lip pencil or under stain to help with keeping some of the shade.

For the divine velvety feel on your lips and the genuine feel that you’re buying a luxury product, the Burberry Lip Glow ticks all the boxes. But if you are looking for a long lasting good value lipgloss in not just the premium but budget departments, you can do better. One bonus power for the Burberry Lip Glow: over a year and half of in and out usage, the product has no hint of going stale. It’s as fresh as the day I opened it.

(photo credit: http://www.makeup4all.com)


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