Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Season 2 Episode 11 Review: “Stakeout”

(Beware, spoilers below!)

We see a whole new side to Captain Holt in this week’s episode of Brooklyn Nine-Nine, starting with him receiving an award from his nemesis, to him confronting Rosa about her relationship with his hot thirty one year old nephew. There’s never been a lot of dialogue between Rosa and Captain Holt before, and it’s fun to see them both be awkward and agree never to speak. It’s also fun to see Rosa actually take a romantic interest in someone (a flip from last week).

Terry is writing a children’s book for his twins this Christmas, and has based the characters off Amy and Gina because he finds it easier to get inspiration from real people. However, when the two read the book they take it too far and assume that this is what Terry sees in them: Amy as a pushover and Gina as a hardhearted cold soul. He eventually sets them straight that it’s just a book and they should stop taking it so seriously.

However, the majority of the screen time is devoted to Charles and Jake, who go on a stakeout together for eight days. For anyone who’s ever wondered how police stakeouts effect best friends, this is gold dust. Charles and Jake’s relationship thus far is one of the most solid, but eight days in and they’re driving each other crazy. The ‘No-no List’ Jake devised so the could be aware of their own annoying behaviours has become a bloated list of … everything, and during a petty argument they not only spoil the stakeout but agree to no longer be friends. But when the Captain orders them to go after their target to make up for their failures, they have each other’s back and reconcile as brothers.

The stories with Jake and Captain Holt dominate this turn, with Andre Braugher delivering the most hilarious lines and providing us with a different side to the usually self assured captain we are used to seeing (and I’m hoping we’ll see a little more of Nick Cannon as the series goes on). We also delve deeper in Charles and Jake’s characters via hilarious little snapshots: Charles insisted on trimming nose hair, Jake eating just butter and syrup. It gets out the laughs but also slips well into what makes us love the Nine-Nine so much – the balance between the workplace and personal life, and how this can be zany and absurd when we least expect it.


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