Ellis Faas Blush: Review

Ellis Faas is my favourite make up brand in the whole world. From their sleek packaging to their wonderful long lasting formulas, I’d happily buy the whole set without thinking if I had enough dough. However, I’m going to focus on my favourite product from the company, their blush.

As with the majority of their products, the blush comes in a bullet like pen which has a little label on the end so you know what shade you’re using. Helpful since no one wants to mix up their mascara with their lipstick. With the blushes you twist a little turner at the end and the blush product comes out of the end. Ellis Faas products are some of the most lightweight, blendable products you can use. Sometimes getting the blush out when you’re running out can be a pain, but as soon as you dab some on your skin and blend it in it’s perfect.

I’m a big fan of creamy, liquid like blushes as I feel they last longer on your skin. Both my Dior and Clinique blushes (both solid products), don’t have nearly as long a day life as the YSL creme blush or particularly the Ellis Faas. To a certain extent I agree that as with all makeup products, what you get out of the item has as much to do as your skill to use it. If you have no idea how to use a blush properly, you’ll still be lost no matter what product you get.

That being said, the Ellis Faas blush blends so neatly and lightweight into your skin that you have to do very little hard work yourself. The blushes have a slight shimmer to them, and a tiny dab on each cheek (then blended) is enough to do the job. Less is more with this blush. They’re a wonderfully lush product that not only completely lives up to its premium-ish price, but one that my makeup bag would not be complete without. Wonderful stuff.


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