Takeout Review: Kokoro Sushi + Bento

Kokoro Sushi + Bento does the best sushi in Guildford, hands down. There’s the newly opened Sushi Nara nearby as well as the long established chain Yo Sushi. However, it’s outside Kokoro that you can expect to see long and devoted queues every lunchtime.

They sell an assortment of drinks and odd sides but their main attractions are the freshly prepared sushi and the hot cooked Japanese dishes, both of which are prepared freshly on the premises every day (turn up before doors are opened and you can often see the sushi being made for the day by the restaurant staff.).

Japanese food is not the cheapest fare, but in Kokoro you get brilliant value for money. A mega box of nine pieces of Salmon Nigiri is no more than seven pounds (a bargain, I assure you) and their small box of Chicken Katsu Curry with rice – as above – is £4.95. This may sound steep, but their hot food portions are substantial. You get a large portion of rice and a packed amount of dishes. Many a time the server has struggled to close the lid on my order because so much is stuffed in. If you go for the mix and match dish option, you can get two dishes crammed in for only an extra pound.

The food is hot, fresh and utterly tasty. Their salmon nigiri and salmon selection boxes are pretty much gone by the end of lunch and with a hot food menu of around seven various dishes there’s plenty for everyone; from noodles to rice, to tofu and salmon teriyaki.

The premises might be small, canteen like and not fancy, but it’s the best Japanese in town. There is also a branch in Kingston so be sure to check it out there too if you have the chance. It’s great grub and utterly delicious.


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