Galavant, Season 1 Episode 1 Review: “Pilot”

(Beware, spoilers below!)

ABC’s musical comedy extravaganza Galavant is filling in the 2015 television hiatus. The series begins when Madalena, Galavants lady love decides to marry the king and turns him down when he tries to rescue her.

One Year Later, the Princess of Valencia comes to Galavant begging for his help because her family has been slaughtered and dispossessed. We find out the King who has taken her families throne is in fact the King Richard who stole Madalena from Galavant. Madalena has turned into a cruel woman after the jewel of Valencia.

In the tavern Galavant finds the Princess again and he regales the tale of his past life. We find out that the Princess has been part of Richard’s plot the whole time to bring Galavant to him. The King has been worn down with Madalena comparing him to Galavant so decides to reel in Galavant with a trick, which works. Galavant decides to set off for Valencia immediately.

In its pilot episode it’s Galavant is occasionally funny, managing jokes that poke fun at modern day as well as the historical period its set in. Occasionally the jokes are witty and on point, sometimes they fall flat when getting utterly caught up in spectacle. The musical elements take up more time that I thought it would and these are hit and miss. There are no extremely catchy songs and in the pilot Galavant himself is not really the most interesting character on the block (I’d say the King, his brash guard Gareth and the hilarious hapless chef are). However, this is only the beginning, so concluding the opening two parter, we can see if the show gets any better.


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