Galavant, Season 1 Episode 2 Review: “Joust Friends”

(Beware, spoilers below!)

We start off with Galavant, the Princess and Galavant’s squire Sid on the way to Valencia. In order to be able to spend the night at a tavern and pay for the food Galavant decides to win a Joust. John Stamos guest stars as Sir Jean Hamm, Galavant’s main opponent. Galavant is worse for wear having not fought for a year and the Princess manages to advance him to the final round so that he can train before the joust.

The Princess tries to get Jean Hamm drunk before the joust and Sir Galavant reveals he’s too stiff because they trained too hard. This leads to a hilarious joust which starts off slow and both opponents get knocked down. The umpire announces that the first man on his face is the winner, and Galavant just about wins. The Princess was about to confess his role in the King’s plot, but Sid distracts them.

Back in Valencia the Gareth decides to man up the King to make him more manly in front of his wife. This leads to a funny dinner with the King in armour trying to burp. In the dinner the King and his queen bond a little more, but this is short lived and tells the King his old servant only loved him because she was paid too. Harsh words.

The second episode of Galavant is pretty much on the same vein as the first. The jokes are acceptable enough, which quite a few of them appearing in the last song of the episode. There are also odd little easter eggs to make you giggle, and who knew that old Lee Jordan from Harry Potter had quite the voice? This episode, the songs ruled the comedy and the show’s overall demeanour in the vein of classic Monty Python becomes more clear. As before, it’s still not reached the comedic or musical heights it could, but is still fairly enjoyable enough fare.

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